We know that mentoring works. Our results have proven the success of our programs! What can your donation achieve? The answer is a lot more than you think.

Your donation will provide lasting memories for our youth by matching them with a caring and passionate adult mentor. Support a match so that we can help more students like Desty’nei get matched with passionate mentors like Teshonna Hampton and be a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida family. Teshonna, a first time mentor, said she loves being able to influence and impact someone who is younger than her.

When you support a match, you:

  • Match a local student with a caring and passionate adult who share common interests
  • Enable a Big and Little to join the BBBSNEFL family
  • Expose youth to new experiences
  • Support & encourage positive behavior in youth

Other ways to support:

If you’re unable to make the commitment of mentoring, consider supporting in other ways:

Provide support to students on our waitlist

There are several students on our waitlist who are waiting to be matched with a caring Big who will serve as a wonderful role model and friend to them. Some students have been waiting to be matched for just a few weeks while others have been waiting several months. Periodically, BBBSNEFL provides fun activities for those students to help the time go by faster as they wait for the perfect Big Brother or Big Sister to be matched with. Our waitlist activities have  included movies and popcorn, gardening activities and learning non-traditional board games. Your support provides wonderful memories for our students.

Corporate matching gift

Corporate matching is a great way to give back to your community. Your company may match your charitable donations.

A matching gift is when your employer gives the same amount as you have to your chosen charity, thus doubling the impact of your gift. Many employers will match any charitable contributions made by their employees and in many cases, will donate a given amount to the charity you volunteer with. To see if your company qualifies, check with your employer (or your spouse’s employer) or visit this online directory of matching gift companies to find out if your employer will match your contribution to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida.



Donate Online

Donating online is the fastest, easiest way to join the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission and help a child. Your financial support allows us to keep doing what we do: empowering kids in your community to achieve their potential. So start a child on their way to becoming an engineer or an artist. All it takes is the click of a mouse.
All it takes is one donation today to start something that will last a lifetime.

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