DQ & BlakeWe know that mentoring works. Our results have proven the success of our programs! What can your donation achieve? The answer is a lot more than you think.

Your donation will provide lasting memories for our youth by matching them with a caring and passionate adult mentor. Support a match so that we can help more students like DQ get matched with passionate mentors like Blake Sherman and be a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida family. Throughout their  5 year relationship, DQ and Blake have created lasting memories together like participating in our Bowl for Kids’ Sake Fundraiser event, the taping of our Centennial Celebration video and appearing on television to advocate mentoring!

When you support a match, you:

  • Match a local student with a caring and passionate adult who share interests
  • Enable a Big and Little to join the BBBSNEFL family
  • Expose youth to new experiences
  • Support & encourage positive behavior in youth
  • There are several students on our waitlist ready to welcome a positive adult role model in their lives.

Click here to provide support to students on our waitlist!


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