Warren Grymes

Chief Executive Officer


Briana Johnson

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

904.727.9797 Ext. 1101

Fund Development

Cheryl Grymes

Vice President of Fund Development

904.727.9797 Ext. 1109

Ashley Strickland

Director of Community & Donor Engagement

904.727.9797 Ext. 1104

Thomas Bozzuto

Development Associate

904.727.9797 Ext. 1112

Rachal McConkey

Fund Development Intern

904.727.9797 Ext. 1108

Finance Department

Julie Solomon

Vice President of Finance

904.727.9797 Ext. 1102

Area Managers

Rainey Crawford

Nassau County Area Manager


Bigs in Schools

Nyree Bowen-Tennant

Bigs in School Area Manager / Arlington

904.727.9797 Ext.1125

Eustachius Roberts

Bigs In Schools Area Manager / Englewood

904.727.9797 Ext. 1114

Jonica DeJesus

Bigs in School Area Manager/Beaches & Mandarin

904.727.9797 Ext. 1133

Mary Claire-Hopkins

Achievers for Life Mentor Advocate/Bigs In Schools Area Manager

904.727.9797 Ext. 1122

Community Match Support

Gwen Yates

Community Match Support Specialist

904.727.9797 Ext. 1115

Laura Lang

Community Match Support Specialist

904.727.9797 Ext. 1119

Shannon Nowell

Community Match Support Specialist

904.727.9797 Ext. 1130

Intake and Enrollment

Isabelle Dedrick

Enrollment and Match Specialist

904.727.9797 Ext. 1117

Daiserae White

Enrollment and Match Specialist

904.727.9797 Ext. 1111

Harlan Stallings

Director of Volunteer Recruitment

904.727.9797 Ext. 1116


Sara Huke Alford

Vice President of Programs

904.727.9797 Ext. 1129

Michelle Patrick

Directory of Community and County

904.727.9797 Ext. 1123

Beverly Filer

Director of Bigs in Schools Program

904.727.9797 Ext. 1134

Samantha DeCarlo

Education Support Specialist

904.727.9797 Ext. 1129